Organization Settings

Organization Settings

Inside of the Korbit App, there are multiple settings that you may want to adjust to customize your experience. After you have completed the Getting Started Guide you can click here (opens in a new tab) to go to your organization settings.

Automated Pull Request Scanning

By default, Korbit will wait until you invoke the /korbit-review slash command on your pull request, but if you would prefer, you can configure korbit to automatically review your pull requests by changing the "Automatically review Pull Requests" setting.

Confidence and Priority Thresholds

By default, all new organizations have a minimum priority score of 1 and a minimum confidence score of 8 for all generated issues. These settings can be adjusted as desired on a 1-10 scale. Note that in general, increasing the minimums will reduce the number of issues found in Korbit PR reviews and reducing the minimums will have an inverse effect.

Maximum PR Issue Count

If you would prefer to limit the number of issues presented by Korbit on PRs, you can change this setting to a value that you prefer.

Category and Sub Category Muting

When Korbit generates issues on your pull requests, they will each be assigned to different categories and subcategories. If you would prefer to not see certain categories or sub categories of issues, you can choose to mute the areas that you are not interested in.