Ignoring Files

Ignoring Files

To limit the files that Korbit will scan in PR reviews as well as full repo scans, you can create a .korbitignore file in your repository. This file will include rules for ignoring scanned files and operates the same as a .gitignore file.

  1. Create a file called .korbitignore in the main directory of your repository
  2. follow the same globbing patterns as would in a .gitignore to exclude certain files (see below)


Use wildcards like * (matches any number of characters) and ? (matches any single character) to specify patterns for ignoring multiple files or directories.

Specify paths relative to the .korbitignore file's location. For example, to ignore config.txt in a data subdirectory, write data/config.txt in the file.

By default, patterns only apply to the current directory. To match files in subdirectories, use / or **/ as prefixes.

Example .korbitignore file contents: